Why us

We are experts

  • Extensive leadership experience in all areas of HR and cross-functional roles
  • Successful projects ranging from HR system implementations and digitalization to compensation models and employer branding campaigns, navigating the dynamics of strategy, structure and culture
  • Strong affinity for numbers, enabling implementation of effectiveness and efficiency in HR topics and metrics
  • Successful support and assistance in numerous audits and year-end reviews
  • Diverse experience in health management

We are pragmatic and quality conscious

  • We do not just talk, we are hands-on and take action
  • We embody transparency, flexibility, agility and pace
  • Being on par with all levels is our strength
  • We approach tasks both strategically and with attention to details
  • We aim to positively surprise and to exceed expectations
  • We approach new tasks informed, engaged and interested, find alternative solutions, think outside the box, continuously educate ourselves, and actively engage with new trends

We love people

  • Our aim is to improve the (working) world
  • People and therefore employees are our best assets
  • Happy, valued, and motivated employees create genuine team spirit and exponentially increase company success

We are perfectly connected

  • Our decentralized expert network offers many advantages
  • Nationally and internationally, academically and practically, from medium-sized companies to large corporations, we profit and leverage from experiences and results through short communication channels

We are worth every Euro

  • We offer a comprehensive range of services
  • Our offers and invoicing are reliable and transparent
  • We work long-term and are secure partners