Business Succession

Family entrepreneurs often ask themselves questions
like these when it comes to succession:

"I don't have a successor in the family. Maybe an external management team is the best solution?"
"I've seen succession failing among friends' businesses because they did not plan well in advance!"
"Should I just sell instead?"
"Will be one of my children really the right fit as a successor?"
"I keep hearing that human factors are crucial: organization, leadership, culture..."
"Would a joint venture be a good idea? But what are the consequences for a shared strategy, organization and corporate culture?"
"The idea of simply handing over my life's work to an external stranger is difficult for me to accept."

Successful succession means passing on the company and thus one's life's work in a well-planned, organized, and future-oriented manner


is not only about numbers, strategy, and business aspects. Above all, human and trust-building factors are crucial


must be well-prepared. One prerequisite is the evaluation and potential adjustment of the entire leadership level and organisation

Crucial to this is the interaction between culture and strategic direction of the company against the backdrop of medium- to long-term market developments

We support the implementation of an appreciative, potential-based business succession together with all stakeholders



Levers for a successful Business Succession

Your Challenges

  • Are your corporate strategy, vision, values, and story sustainable in the long term?
  • How does the planned succession planning align with the corporate strategy?
  • What is the status of competition, level of digitalization, and/or disruptive developments?


Our Services

  • Vision and medium- to long-term corporate strategy
  • Review and, if necessary, collaborative revision in light of market developments

Your Challenges

  • Is the leadership team well-prepared for a transitional or new solution?
  • Are the right people on board with competencies in the required areas?
  • Is the leadership style sustainable and values-based?
  • Are the leadership metrics still relevant?


Our Services

  • Identification and development of necessary potentials of the successor and the leadership team

Your Challenges

  • How well-prepared and positioned is the entire organization for the change process?
  • Are roles, functions, competencies, and potentials correctly identified and filled?
  • Do you have best in class processes in place?


Our Services

  • Development of necessary and existing potentials
  • Definition of future requirements
  • Design and implementation of organizational structure and level of digitalization

Your Challenges

  • What are the roots and values of the company?
  • How do these affect the attitude and behavior of the employees?
  • What potential do the current values have to be transformed into a sustainably viable culture?


Our Services

  • Definition of the future corporate culture, values, and story
  • Adjustment or development of the employer brand as needed
  • Support in the implementation and consolidation within the organization

Our Approach

We are generalists and specialists with extensive professional experience and well-founded, practically proven competencies in the following areas:

  • Strategy and Business Development
  • Leadership
  • Talent Development
  • Business Psychology and Organizational Development
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Process Optimization

1. Pulse Check

Status quo and potential analysis
including the utilization of metrics, best practices, assessments, and interviews, focusing on:

  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Culture

2. Roadmap

Action recommendations
based on the company's strategy and a roadmap for:

  • Developing and nurturing the successor(s) and leadership team
  • Organizational structure enhancement or establishment
  • Solidifying the corporate culture or driving cultural change

3. Transformation

Implementation support

  • for the transformation of strategy and organization, including:
  • Project planning
  • Workshops
  • Employee development/engagement
  • Coaching & Training
  • Internal and external communication

About us

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We will achieve this together with you

Strategische Roadmap

für die personelle und kulturelle Umsetzung der Unternehmensstrategie und den Nachfolgeprozess


der vorhandenen Human-Potentiale


einer starken, zukunftsfähigen Unternehmenskultur und Arbeitgebermarke


und Aufbau des/der Nachfolger(s)


der damit einhergehenden Organisation

This leads to the creation of a long-term sustainable company

We will achieve this together with you

A strategic roadmap for the personnel and cultural implementation of the corporate strategy and succession process involves:
Identifying and developing successors
Identifying and optimizing existing human potentials
Developing the associated organization
Establishing a strong, future-oriented corporate culture and employer brand
This leads to the creation of a long-term sustainable company